Thursday, May 21, 2015

Update 2

-I have to replant my herbs because they have died.

-I've learned how a combination of herbs can replace Advil with less side effects.

Monday, April 20, 2015


So far, I've found 4 specific herbs and their medical and spiritual value. In the future I hope to show how medicine can help you, but also can hurt you doing the same job herbs do better.

- Medicines that can solve the same problems herbs solve and their side affects
- Methods of using herbs to heal

Monday, March 30, 2015

Healing Herbs

I plan to find what Herbs could be used instead of medicines.
How can herbs replace medicine for a healthier way of healing?
I chose this because I prefer natural options instead of processed ones. Also Medicines can be more damaging than herbs. I feel that if people replace some of their medicines (like Advil) it would benefit their bodies.
  • Thyme
-Helps Bronchitis
- Arthritis
-Upset Stomach
  • Sage
- Can be poisonous in large quantities 
-Anti Bacterial
-Anti Convulsive
-treat skin sores
  • Lavender
-Treats insomnia
-Nerve pain
- Used for acne
- Fight s dandruff

  • Chamomile
- Heartburn
-Mouth sores

Spiritual value?

Thyme: strength and courage.

Sage: Intuition, Purification, Clarity of thoughts, healing,Wisdom, long life.

Lavender: Strength and courage (during child birth), peacefulness

Chamomile: Purification, Protection.

May treat
~ Fever-Feverfew 
~ Inflammation-Chamomile
~ Sinus infection-Cayenne pepper, sage
~ Tonsil inflammation-Licorice root
~ Menstrual Cramps-Chaste tree berry 
~ Osteoarthritis-Aloe Vera, Thyme 
~ Meningitis-Garlic Supplement
~ Ankylosingspondylitis-Cinnamon
~ Heavy Menstrual bleeding-Ginger root, Yarrow
~ Premenstrual syndrome-Chaste berry 
~ Chronic childhood arthritis-Thyme
~ Post-operative pain-Chamomile
Side affects for Advil
- Headache-Feverfew
- Nausea
- Bleeding
- Vomiting
- Dizziness
- Flatulence
Side affects for herbs
-Some may have allergies which could cause any allergy symptoms